This is the page where you can read about the history and the progress of Project Anime Wiki. Currently, Project Anime Wiki has 23 articles created along with 7 files uploaded, and we are still growing!


The wiki was founded by ForeverFriendlyViolet on October 26th, 2014. She quickly made changes to the wiki, enabling new features and more. After that, she continued to update the wiki with more pages, features, and designs. Violet also used Lua as Project Anime Wiki's infobox code/programming.

More coming soon..

Goals and visionsEdit

  • We want to be the most complete, useful and information database about the anime universe.
  • We want to build a community of contributors who likes/watches the same topic, anime.
  • We want to build a fun place for all to contribute their knowledge about their favorite anime freely.

Help, guides and policyEdit



  • Policy - explains how things operate in the wiki, as well as some rules to follow.
  • Manual of Style - an optional guideline on how different types of articles and the wiki itself is organized and its requirements.


  • Project:Projects - Here you can join different projects to work as a team on fixing/watching a type of article. Projects discuss changes and announces new features that can be made.


See Project Anime Wiki:Administration for information of this section.

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